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Teaching Aid/Rehabilitation Testimonials

Rebecca Herman

150 West Main Street

Newark, DE 19711



Initial EMAIL received

I saw your game on the 10 show in Philadelphia. My neice suffered a stroke after having a baby in Chicago. She has recovered except for constructing her sentences using of course verbs and pronouns. I gave her family the game at Christmas and she took it to show her speech therapist. Her therapist went crazy for it and is trying to get it for her therapy. You have a whole new market for your game and I think you should look into it! It is a wonderful tool…! Rebecca Herman


I wrote an email about You’ve Been Sentenced but just in case you didn’t get it…The game is wonderful for therapists working with stroke victims and I think you should extend your marketing to that area! My niece is a great example. She is constructing her sentences much faster through the use of the game.


Hi Donald-
I met you at the ALA Conference-I was the speech pathologist who stopped by to rave about You’ve Been Sentenced.  I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to email you my testimonial or submit it as a comment on your website, so I figured I’d just email it to you and if you want me to submit it, I’ll do that as well.  It was great to meet you-I love your products!!

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I’ve found that You’ve Been Sentenced is a wonderful tool for my adolescent clients to work on constructing sentences, using various parts of speech, and judging grammatical correctness.  My clients love making up their own sentences-they’re much more entertaining than ones found on worksheets or in books or even the ones that “Ms. M” comes up with.  You’ve Been Sentenced adds a level of fun and excitement to treatment sessions that keeps the kids looking forward to coming to see me.  And with adolescents, that’s a bigger deal than it seems!! –Madge in MA

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