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Government Programs/Testimonials

“I want to thank you for the game. It is a great concept. We have tried the You’ve Been Sentenced! game with several levels of people.  It was a big success with all of them.  So far I have used the game with the following groups:

Classroom teachers

Comments:  These teachers felt this would be a good game to use in the classroom.  For students who struggle, working in pairs would provide great peer learning and keep slower students from feeling too frustrated as they picked up the language skills and science taught by the game.  They really believed upper middle school and up would have the most fun with the NASA deck.

Informal educators (Parks and Rec leaders)

Comments:  The staff of a local county parks and rec team wanted to include the NASA cards in their monthly use of NASA equipment for workshops they do.   These workshops include science workshops for family groups, school groups, and community groups.   The game was adaptable for all and something good to do especially to have as a back-up when rain prevented an outdoor activity from taking place.”

— Education Specialist Pamela McClung Casto of the NASA IV & V Educator Resource Center

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