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Educator’s Testimonials

Heidi J Curtis TEFL, Kucove, ALBANIA

The students really to love the game… It’s been a veryvaluable tool in the classroom.

Bonnie Beuning, Wichita, Kansas

Comments: “My thought, after playing this wonderful game, was how this might work for adult learners of English. Other volunteers and I have a monthly lunch and conversation practice with a group of very timid Spanish-speaking women… I think this could a helpful and fun activity…  we could work in two teams (there is a native speaker ESL teacher present). After presenting our best sentences to each other, we would all learn through laughter and gentle correction.”

Rebecca Brown, Boothwyn, PA 

Comments: “It’s Awesome” That was a comment from one of my most difficult to please 5th grade students.  I played “You’ve Been Sentenced” with a group of 5th graders and they loved it!  It was a great way to get them to think creatively and originally.  They came up with sentences I would have never thought of using. The game also lends itself to discussions on grammar and word usage. The students can’t wait to play again!:

Lisa Coburn, Cab Calloway School of the Arts, Wilmington, Delaware

“The game is great. I noticed that it is now on sale at Happy Harrys and I bought one for a friend who homeschools her two children. She is a college professor. They love it and play it with other homeschooled students. I have used it with my son and I brought it in to my Univ. of DE Curriculum for Gifted and Talented class this summer to show to the G/T teachers taking the course. There are about 40 or so, mostly elementary and middle school teachers. I had my junior AP students try it out after the seniors graduated.  They enjoyed it and found it challenging and fun. I don’t know how I would fit it into the regular curriculum, but it is great to have in the classroom for vocabulary lesson building. I think I should pass it on to Joey M. next or to Patton. They do a lot more vocabulary building in the middle school and more games. Thanks.”

Luke Flynt, Vero Beach, FL 

Comments: “I purchased four copies of You’ve Been Sentenced for my sixth grade Language Arts classes, and we (students and teacher) love it. The students enjoy the game because it gives them a creative outlet and allows them to have a fun time playing with their peers. However, I realize Youve Been Sentenced is much more than just a game; I was utterly amazed to watch groups of sixth graders debate whether or not what they had created is actually a sentence (Well, if this is a sentence, what would the predicate be?) When I watch them play, and listen to their logic as they defend sentences, I know they are learning important skills about sentence structure.

What has me most excited is that every single student can be successful. I knew many of the advanced students would love the game, but I was not sure how it would go over with some of the struggling students. What would happen with the students who agonize over simple sentences in their writing? I was overjoyed to see them successfully create sentences. The pride on the face of one young man was unmistakable as he told me, Mr. Flynt, I can make a sentence. This was a student who had been struggling all year long and sufferers from very low self-esteem. On the first day we played Youve Been Sentenced he walked out of my classroom with his head held high. For one of the first times ever in a Language Arts setting, he felt success. I cannot thank you enough for enabling me to reach and to teach this young man.

Weve played the game multiple times now. The students love it more each time. As Im writing this letter, it is the last day of school before the Christmas Break. In the past, Ive always been badgered with questions like Can we have a party?  Can we bring in a movie Can we bring in our Ipods? This year those questions have been replaced. Instead Ive been hearing for almost a week now, Can we play the Sentence Game?

I plan on brining this game with me when I travel to visit my family this Christmas. I am sure they will love it as much as I do.

Thank you for creating this game.”

Nancy Bjorkman, Heppner’s Legacy Homeschool Resources

“You’ve Been Sentenced has more than met our expectations. Our family has played regularly since they arrived, especially with friends over the holidays. Two of my daughters took them back to college with them to play there. The homeschool moms are coming up with other ideas for use of the cards too. Some are having students alphabetize sets of cards. Others are having students find and identify the parts of speech. My one daughter wants to give it to her Advanced Grammar college professor to make interesting sentences to “tree.” Needless to say, I am ready to order more. Let’s go with 24 copies since our conference season begins soon.”

Liz Jorgensen, Language Arts Instructor,English Teacher, Literary Magazine Advisor

I teach six sections of writing at Arrowhead Union High School in Hartland, Wisconsin. I have three sections of Advanced Composition and three sections of Creative Writing (with at total of about 150 students each semester). In my courses, everything the students complete is for a writing competition, publication or other authentic purpose. In order help the students perfect their writing skills and get their pieces ready for a publication or competition, I use some games. Currently, my students are obsessed with “You’ve Been Sentenced.” We use this game to learn and practice the parts of speech, to create topic sentences and to develop writing prompts and vocabulary.

Over 90% of my students are seniors. Especially at this time of the year, my students are burned out, frustrated and itching for college. However, I’ve seen games have a positive impact on their learning and interest level. With a small budget (and the education crisis happening in Wisconsin right now), I have been unable to purchase more educational games that would support their learning and develop their writing skills. I am hoping you’ll pick my classroom to receive some complimentary games I’ll be able to incorporate even more games into my classroom and curriculum. This could be additional copies of “You’ve Been Sentenced” or copies of your other games or add ons.

Within the past month, several of my students have won national contests. Specifically, Sara Lauer, 17, wrote an essay nominating her favorite teacher, Trina Bower. This essay was selected as “The Best Teacher Ever” by Weekly Reader Magazine out of hundreds of submissions.  Another student, Julia Mauer, had her vignette published in Teen Ink. I believe if I continue to use games, I will only reach more students and only have more students published!”

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