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Increase your vocabulary! You’ve been Sentenced! Words You Can Use: GRATUITOUS

September 4, 2013

Brain Busters add-on deck, McNeill DesignsAccording to the folks at Merriam Webster, the definition of  GRATUITOUS is:

1 a : given unearned or without recompenseb : not involving a return benefit, compensation, or considerationc : costing nothing : free
2: not called for by the circumstances : unwarranted <gratuitous insolence> <a gratuitous assumption>
— gra·tu·itous·ly adverb
— gra·tu·itous·ness noun

The word GRATUITOUS (and so much more) can be found in the You’ve been Sentenced! word game Brain-Busters add-on deck. Can your students use this word in a sentence?

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