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You’ve been Sentenced! Brain-Busters Word of the Week May 21- 25: ERUDITE

May 21, 2012


According to the folks at Merriam Webster, here’s the definition of ERUDITE:

: having or showing knowledge that is gained by studying :possessing or displaying erudition <an erudite scholar>
Examples of ERUDITE:
  1. <the most erudite people in medical research attended the conference>
  2. <an erudite lecture on the latest discoveries in astronomy>
  3. He wasn’t bashful about showing himself to be feverishlyerudite, … terminally droll, and a wizard phrasemaker.
The word ERUDITE (and so much more) can be found in the You’ve been Sentenced! word game Brain-Busters add-on deck. Can your students use this word in a sentence?

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