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“You’ve been Sentenced! in History” page makes learning easy

May 6, 2011

You already know that You’ve been Sentenced! is a great teaching tool in the classroom to help students understand grammar and sentence construction. You know they love to play. But did you know that You’ve been Sentenced! offers a history lesson, too?

It’s true! The You’ve been Sentenced! character cards are filled with people who have changed our world throughout history. But, do your students ever wonder just who those people are on the You’ve been Sentenced! character cards? Now, McNeill Designs has made it easy to answer your students’ questions!

Use the McNeill Designs “You’ve been Sentenced! in History” page to find a bio on each person. From famous actors, to award-winning novelists, to fascinating scientists and more! Plus, we’ve included additional links with each bio for even more background information.

So, just who are DOROTHY DANDRIDGE, ISADORA DUNCAN  or KLAUS KINSKI? Tell your students to look it up!

Make learning fun! To learn more about McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds’ award-winning, educational games like the You’ve been Sentenced! word game, the  Twisted Fish memory game and more, simply visit McNeill Designs for game rulesprintable score sheets, or even order online!

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